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Meet the world’s first CE Certified heart rhythm SDK for Android & iOS

Integrate our technology into your existing telehealth app
and get vital signs from your patients’ smartphones

AF Detection

Screen and monitor atrial
fibrillation swiftly and effectively.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Convenient detection of heart rate

Heart Rate Variability

Accurate monitoring of heart rate
variability for health and recovery

How partners are using Happitech technology during COVID19

Success stories

Integration of the Happitech SDK into our customers existing apps

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OLVG implements our technology as a
vital step in the detection of Arrhythmias
in the cardiac monitoring industry.

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HUMA includes resting Heart Rate data provided by our technology as part of ongoing healthcare checks for wellbeing and medical monitoring.

VUMC utilises our technology to measure Heart Rate Variability as an accurate way to identify stress during pregnancy in patients.

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Stress Coach harnesses Heart Rate Variability monitoring to measure employee wellbeing within the health and wellness industries.

Medical grade monitoring without the medical cost

Cost-effective, convenient and accurate solution to problems faced by telehealth organisations.

10x lower costs

Similar functionalities of existing
devices at a tenth of the price. The
average telehealth company can save more than EUR 100,000 by choosing our service.

Medical grade accuracy

Clinically validated with over 3.5 years of testing and development, our SDK monitors heart rhythm with 98% accuracy – and complies with European Regulatory requirements. CE and ISO-13485 certified.

No extra devices

Heart monitoring made available instantly, from anywhere, 24/7 all patients need is their smartphone.

Seamless integration

Integration is effortless with our
Software Development Kit (SDK),
allowing for telehealth companies to
add vital sign measurement to their
existing apps, saving 12 months on
their regulatory path.

Telehealth monitoring for all heart patients

The same quality of care at a lower cost

Telehealth: Accurate and timely heart data

Supporting daily health checks and wellness activities

Clinically validated by leading medical professionals
and ready for use in Telehealth applications

Developed by the experts at Happitech over more than 4 years to meet the standards of leading hospitals and institutes.

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“Providing joy, Happitech
technology acts like bio-
feedback for your body
and takes the stress out”

Tim Cook, CEO Apple

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