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Measure vital signs using your smartphone

World's first smartphone biofeedback SDK for iOS & Android

Measure vital signs using your smartphone

World's first smartphone biofeedback SDK for iOS & Android

"Happitech SDK allows for measuring of vitals signs like Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability using the sensors on your smartphone to detect stress, fitness levels and heart disorders."



Accurate monitoring

Our iOS and Android SDK measures heart rate within a 98% accuracy at rest and heart rate variabiliity at 91%.

Fast integration

Fast integration of the SDK using the documentation.  The SDK runs locally on your smartphone. Privacy by Design.

No hardware needed

No Additional Hardware needed. All you need is a smartphone.

As seen on

“Providing joy, Happitech technology acts like a biofeedback for your body and takes the stress out. “

Tim Cook

CEO , Apple


Heart rate

Detect Heart Rate at rest or during intensive excercise

Heart rate variability

Detect Heart Rate Variablity for stress or training purposes

Arrhythmia detection

Detect and Diagnose Atrial Fibrillation


Current SDK use cases

Heart Health Research

Heart for Heart also helps generate awareness for Atrial Fibrillation (Afib), the most common heart rhythm disorder, that affects an estimated 33.5 million people. It is the second leading cause of stroke and a third of the group is unaware of having the condition.

Heart for Heart is the world’s largest heart health initiative with a focus on using the power of crowdsourcing to gain a million heart measurements that will help better understand the characteristics of the participants.

“Just by measuring your heart rhythm,

you can be part of the world’s largest heart health initiative.”

Stress prevention

The NRGY App is The first app in the world that measures your energy by means of a combination of tests. The app uses the latest techniques in the area of Facial Recognition & Heart Rate Variability in order to determine your energy. The NRGY App is a co-creation between ONVZ Vitality Lab, Lifeguard Coaching and Happitech.

Heart Patient monitoring

Currently under clinical trails, OLVG Hospital uses the Arrhythmia detection algorithm to help monitor Atrial Fibrillation patients after performing an ablation.     OLVG Hospital is currently conducting a clinical trail with 200 patients to publish the sensitivity and specificity off the technology.

Mindfulness Game

Skip a Beat is the world’s first biofeedback smartphone game. You win the game by lowering your heart rate. The game gives you tips in order for you to calm down and lower your heart rate.

The game is currently in use by Pluryn to help teach youth to become more mindful of their emotions.

FitKroodle Healthcheck 

FitKroodle, the free elaborate health test, tells you how fit you really are. Smart tips and tools help you improve.


Happitech’s been named most Disruptive Health care innovation by Delloitte and Singularity University, World’s top 5 most positive Business at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by former POTUS Barack Obama and ING Bank startup of the month.

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