Happitech joining the Techleap.nl COVID-19 program

Happitech joining the Techleap.nl COVID-19 program

9 May, 2020

Techleap launched the COVID-19 Program to empower a select group of entrepreneurs who present working solutions for the challenges posed by the current crisis.

They had an amazing response from the ecosystem with an array of innovative companies submitting their applications.

“Today we’re proud to showcase the 8 companies joining the program where they will receive support in accelerating their expansion and time to market. The program provides assistance through our extensive network as well as insightful (online) sessions with leading experts. These Dutch startups alongside many of the others in the ecosystem can directly contribute to reducing the impact of COVID-19. It’s now time for us as Techleap.nl and the ecosystem to support them. Giving them access to the resources they need and the visibility they deserve.


What they do:

Happitech provides CE certified convenient and medical grade heart monitoring using simply the smartphone with no additional hardware. Atrial Fibrillation, Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability, all measured directly via smartphone with no add-ons.

Happitech provides their technology to Telehealth organizations offering care at home in an SDK Software Development Kit. Telehealth organizations seamlessly add heart monitoring to current apps using Happitech’s SDK and can be up in running in a matter of 1-2 weeks versus 8-12 months due to regulatory constraints. Last two weeks Happitech received its CE certification at a critical time to be recognized as the first heartrate and heart rhythm medical device in SDK form.”

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