Happitech Report Release

Happitech Report Release

30 Apr, 2021

Our latest release allows healthcare professionals to understand the logic behind the heart algorithm, providing more transparency and insights into the decision making of the algorithm. The release includes detailed reporting, providing healthcare professionals with extensive new information about their patients.

Doctors now have the capability to review measurements such as:

  • PhotoPlethysmoGraphy graph show the pulse variations
  • Heart Rate over time based on the interbeat intervals
  • Movement incase users have too much movement during the measurement
  • Poincaré plot to have a quick overview of the regularity of the interbeat intervals

These measurements provide practitioners with additional insight into the regular and irregular rhythms.

The report will also include information on:

  • Heart Rate over time and average Heart Rate
  • Heart Rhythm results: Regular or Irregular Heart Rhythm
  • Confidence Level of the measurement
  • Presence of any complaints
  • Any Additional Information the patient has shared


PhotoPlethysmoGraphy Graph

The PPG graph (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy) provides an overview of the pulse rate variations and the quality of the signal during the measurement.

Heart Rate

The heart rate graph displays the values of the current heart rate in BPM, these values are calculated per interbeat beat interval.


The movement graph shows movement levels detected during the measurements. The purple line which should not be succeeded otherwise measurement quality may be affected.

Poincaré plot

The Poincaré plot depicts the relationship between the two successive interbeat intervals. If the interbeat intervals are aligned around the axis, it is a sign of regular rhythm.


Heart Rate Results

The heart rate result, located in the top left corner, displays the final average measured heart rate in beats per minute.

Measurement results

The measurement results, also located in the top left corner, display the final measured heart rhythm analysis. These results appear as two options:

  • Regular Heart Rhythm (Normal Sinus Rhythm)
  • Irregular Heart Rhythm (Atrial Fibrillation)
  • Undetermined (Possible other Heart Rhythm or Bad Quality measurement)

Confidence Level

The confidence level of the measurement can be located in the same section as Heart rate and measurement results. This portrays the confidence of results of the measurement, while taking into consideration issues such as movement.

Additional Information

Additional information section displays data and analysis allowing patients and practitioners to add their own input to complete the report.

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