27 Oct, 2020

Simple, accurate and convenient heart rate with the Happitech SDK


Founded in 2011, London-based Huma has worked to develop a range of different applications designed to integrate, and make proper use of, health data. With a focus on patient wearables and mobile technology, it was only logical that Huma was looking for new and practical ways to integrate additional measures for remote patient monitoring.


While data collection is more sophisticated than ever before across the board, Huma faced several hurdles in their development process. Because of the requirement for additional gadgets in many cases, it was a challenge to gather usable heart rate data consistently. Additionally, with their development turning towards crucial biomarkers that can benefit customers and inform medical professionals, a reliable and functional tool was needed to achieve consistent results.

To reduce the use of peripherals and provide a more accessible solution for medical centres and health companies, Huma turned to a partnership with Happitech. While Huma researched other SDKs on the market, Happitech stood out thanks to its pre-existing clinical evidence, the robustness of the SDK and the quality of the technology itself.


As a mobile solution that provides a user-friendly experience, intuitive design, and simplicity in measurements, Happitech was what Huma was looking for. With stringent requirements for regulatory procedures, accuracy in measurement and feasibility, Happitech SDK ticked all the boxes thanks to its clinical testing and regulatory coverage.


The Happitech SDK provided us with the ability to introduce functionality quickly and easily– with no compromise when it came to quality.”

Tamir, Head of Solutions at Huma


Huma uses Happitech SDK as part of a broader solution, implementing the technology to bridge the gap for key biomarkers. Through the support of Happitech’s internal team, as well as their engineering, clinical and QA teams, Happitech was able to be integrated seamlessly into existing applications and technology already in development.


Once Huma decided to make the leap to Happitech technology, their solution was up-and-running in a few short weeks. Allowing for faster turnaround time and high quality of results. While initially designed as a catch-all form of technology, as COVID-19 became a global crisis, Huma was able to utilize Happitech heart rate SDK’s capabilities to manage patients with Coronavirus.


With plans to expand beyond their current COVID-19 function, Huma will be utilising Happitech SDK technology to continue to provide ease of use and deliver accurate biomarker data in the wider medical field. With the versatility of Happitech and its suitability across a range of different healthbased markets, it is the ideal companion for any business looking to grow and expand upon their existing niche.

You can find out more about the word Huma is doing around biomarkers and medical data at .


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