Importance of User Experience in PPG Heart Rhythm Measurements

Importance of User Experience in PPG Heart Rhythm Measurements

5 May, 2021

Happitech SDK provides the technology to measure vital signs using the smartphone camera lens. The accuracy of the results relies on several factors, one of which is the user behavior during the measurement process.

The broad Happitech SDK’s application cases worldwide, not only for Telehealth but other industries, requires us to deliver a seamless experience to a wide variety of users ensuring accuracy for each single case.

With a focus on ease of use, our product team works continuously to improve the key moments of the process. Our technology includes built-in visual and vocal cues, providing an extra degree of user support while also ensuring all monitoring is to the highest possible standard:

Proper Finger placement: Mobile phones can have more than one camera. To reduce friction while finding the correct camera to measure, we use visual feedback on the screen to guide the user to a correct finger placement.

Adhering to measurement guidelines: Once the measurement process has begun, we provided users with detailed audio feedback to ensure they remain still during the testing period. These audio alerts include the status of the measurement, as well as warnings and notifications of errors if monitoring has been unsuccessful.

Measurement modes: Our SDK allows different measurement modes. Each of them requires a specific measurement time, which in some cases can be tiring for users to remain still while holding the phone. We’ve developed different alternative flows to ensure the best conditions for each of the cases.

Learnability: after a few successful results, we noticed depending on the age of users don’t want to continuously be reminded with instructions. For this we’ve streamlined a simplified measurement flow, that optimizes the experience reducing the time it takes to obtain the result.

An ongoing iterative process based on users feedback and results contributes to the refinement of the experience. The goal is always ensuring the highest quality of the measurements to acquire the best accuracy.

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