26 Oct, 2020

Taking patient care digital with Happitech SDK and the Luscii App


As the oldest hospital in Amsterdam founded in 1898, OLVG is always at the forefront of innovation when it comes to their treatments and research – especially when it comes to cardiology. As one of the top heart centres in the Netherlands, OLVG is continually looking for new ways to manage patients, handle day-to-day tasks and ensure everyone receives necessary treatment and monitoring.


At the height of COVID-19, OLVG were no longer able to provide their patients with the in-person care that they would once have provided. With the inability to accommodate an increasing number of patients due to social distancing, they needed a way to reduce the number of appointments while still ensuring their patients were well looked after. Investing in digital tools seemed like the ideal solution to that problem.


Robert Riezebos, Head of Cardiology at OLVG, understood the need for a transition to digital healthcare, and he attributed the shifting of restrictions and decision-making due to COVID-19 as one of the reasons they were able to make the transition. The Happitech SDK and Luscii Platform was a great answer, providing a digital pathway to reduce face-to-face care and ensure patient prioritisation was done the right way.


A combination of the Happitech SDK and the Luscii app provided OLVG’s cardiology specialists with the stability, reliability and consistency needed to integrate this technology directly into their day-today patient care.


Utilising Happitech’s data, OLVG was able to achieve their goals. By actively monitoring heart rhythm on a regular and consistent basis outside of the confines of the hospital, it became possible to spot heart issues such as atrial fibrillation early and act quickly, if action is needed.


This influx of data provides additional knowledge that was inconsistent in the past for healthcare professionals. As the Happitech SDK offers a remote solution, this helps OLVG provide clinical standard care throughout social distancing measures and beyond.


“With the current global situation, it would be easy for the quality of measurements we can achieve to be greatly reduced – leaving us unable to follow up with patients in a timely and efficient manner. With Happitech, we’re able to see the results remotely directly for a dashboard, ensuring our patients receive the same standard of care even in challenging circumstances.”

MD, PhD, FESC Robert Riezebos, Head of Cardiology OLVG Hospital


By reducing the requirement for face-to-face contact, and ensuring prioritisation is easier for hospitals like OLVG, Happitech can potentially support leading cardiologists in monitoring their patients. Combined with the Luscii app, OLVG has quickly seen the value of Happitech SDK. That value is only likely to grow in the future as the hospital uses the tools in more innovative and exciting ways – with the goal of 50% of their patients having the option for digital-first healthcare.

If you’d like to know more about OLVG’s cardiology app and ongoing digitisation, see more information here.

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