Stress Coach app

Stress Coach app

27 Oct, 2020

Managing stress one measurement at a time with the Happitech SDK

Stress is a big concern for the average workplace, as proven by decades of research across Europe. An even bigger problem is the outcome of stress, with burnout and sickness a common symptom experienced by stressed employees worldwide. Met with this problem, Stresscoach thought of a solution: accurate heart-rate measurement to monitor the physical effects of stress in real-time.

Henk Jan Zwolle, the founder of Stresscoach, is an exercise physiologist and former olympic rower with 25 years experience using heart rate measurements and diary entries for athletes. He has pioneered how heart rate variability (HRV) could be used to keep tabs on the ever growing stress levels in the workplace using a wide array of different technologies.

The technologies used were often costly, slow and unwieldy to use in a workplace setting. Laptops connected to ECGs and mobile applications didn’t meet demand and quickly ballooned the costs associated with stress monitoring and management beyond what was reasonable for use in the average workplace.

“For a company, if measurements are taking 10 minutes and 1000 people do it, costs start to add up, as people aren’t doing other things related to their work”

Henk-Jan Zwolle

Stresscoach was already well-known for the credibility of their practices, thanks to their development of an algorithm based on over 70,000 measurements in partnership with the TNO. Therefore, finding scientifically-grounded and clinically validated partnerships was a must.

While many software tools presented themselves, one option piqued Zwolle’s interest – the Happitech SDK. Designed to fit existing apps, he intended to roll-out his project on a broader scale, developed to be as integrated and straightforward as possible. Happitech has the scientific approach and technology that Stresscoach had been searching for; proving the perfect partner for the growing workplace stress management brand.

Henk-Jan Zwolle made it clear that Happitech’s innovative features were what attracted him to the company, to begin with. With no need for additional technologies or gadgets, measurements completed in a minute and convenient integration with existing applications, Happitech solved many of the pain points on the list of making a useful Stresscoach app that can serve a wider audience.

By improving the speed of testing, reducing the costs associated with additional peripherals and having complete testing and validation ahead of time, Happitech was a solution that could be neatly slotted into their existing software – which according to Zwolle “saved a lot of headaches”.

Once Stresscoach chose to form a partnership with Happitech, and integrate their SDK into their existing application, it took just two to three weeks for implementation. From there, Stresscoach was able to offer an easy, compact, and ultimately more user-friendly service to their customers thanks to custom implementation.

Since the introduction of Happitech, Stresscoach has been able to make progress in their industry niche. With no additional peripherals required and a far quicker method of measuring HRV (heart rate variability), their product is far more suitable for their target market of offices and workplaces. Their solution has impacted firefighters, students and teachers with more insight in their daily stress responses.

Monitoring stress levels in employees through the Stresscoach app is now simple, user-friendly and accurate in just about any working environment thanks, in part, to the addition of the Happitech SDK.

For employers that like the sound of Happitech’s SDK put to use for stress-management purposes, you can visit Stresscoach to find out more.

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