How does it work?


The API is based on a technology called PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG) that measures light reflected in the blood.

Blood reflects and absorbs light. Each heartbeat increases the flow of blood in the body and the fingertips. By analyzing the differences in light absorption, the app measures the change in heart rate. The app distinguishes between a regular and irregular heartbeat. The rising and falling peaks represent the changes in the reflection of light (light absorption) within a certain period. You can clearly see when the heart is pumping.


A Smartphone app can use the API to measure heart rhythm irregularities. Below the steps to obtain a measurement. 

1. Place your finger on the camera lens of your phone
2. Put your hand on a firm surface
3. Keep your finger still and press gently on the camera lens, partially covering the flash
4. Keep the phone still and do not try to talk during the measurement
5. The app will take about 10-15 seconds to calibrate before the measurement can begin
6. The measurement itself lasts 90 seconds
7. Results will show a regular or irregular heart rhythm

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