The GERAF Study Shows How Motivated Patients Are to Use PPG

The GERAF Study Shows How Motivated Patients Are to Use PPG

18 May, 2021

The GERAF study, conducted by the lead investigator Lennaert Zwart, shows how motivated patients are to use Photoplesmography technology (PPG). The study is conducted in 6 hospitals in the Netherlands and aims to include at least 1250 elderly patients.

“What struck me is how well patients are motivated to use the PPG technology. Some help is sometimes necessary with installing the application, but after that patients are very motivated to do measurements. Even if the measurement failed, they are very persistent in repeating the measurement until they manage to get a reliable result. So overall, the motivation to use it, and patients using the application, exceeded our initial expectations.”

Lennaert Zwart

The GERAF study now includes 580 patients aged 75 and older, this patient population faces a high risk of stroke possibly 5 – 10% chance per year. Through testing the usability of Happitech’s technology in the GERAF study, Happitech’s PPG measurements have been able to detect undiagnosed cardiac irregularities in 7 patients so far.

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