Top Android Apps for Heart Function Monitoring

Top Android Apps for Heart Function Monitoring

17 Oct, 2020

“Happitech is the world’s first CE certified heart rate monitoring app. It is available for Android and iOS to discover and control heart rhythm disorders. With Happitech, you are making an investment for life. Instead of wasting your time and money on various screenings at the hospital with Happitech, you get to monitor your heart rate from the comfort of your home.

According to its official website, Happitech is perhaps the app with the highest accuracy. This app offers up to 97%+ accuracy at rest. One could also use the Happitech monitoring app to monitor their heart rate for stress and training purposes as they see fit. Happitech has already had more than 50 media mentions, including USA Today, Mashable, MIT Technology Review, Business Insider, and many more.”

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